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it's like popslash met wincest and had pretty pretty babies.

23 May 1988
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Let's see. Hiya, My name is Rachel and I am mostly lurker mclurkenstein. I'm 24 and a senior at UAB in AL. I mostly lurk about the live journal(in yr ljzz, readin yr storiez), but don't post very often. I have been in fandom for going on 10 years now. I am not a writer but have always thought about it. I started out in Popslash shipping Justin Timberlake/JC Chasez, then moved into Bandom, mostly focusing on Fall Out Boy and Panic(!) at the Disco. I am a hardcore shipper of Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross and they are my OTPPPP, but they have quickly being replaced by Joe Jonas/Nick Jonas and their awesome bro-cest they got going on. (Pretty boy singers/guitarists, have you noticed my weakness?) Any questions? Anyone? Bueller?

july 2012 update: THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY FANDOMS. I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE. suits, white collar, merlin, one direction, teen wolf (OH GOD WHY), avengers, torchwood, and many many MANY others. i still remember the good old days where I practiced monogofandomy. but as you will learn, polyfandomy is SO MUCH BETTER. #threesomesaremylifesblood.

i'm not active on here nearly as much as tumblr or twitter. if you'd like to know them just ask! or stalk like celery.